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Surgyy Design Labs is a Top Ranked UX Design Agency, focused on solving business problems with Design.

Our extensive work history solving some challenging UX problems speaks about our expertise.

As a Guest author on Surgyy Design Blog, you will have a dedicated public URL eg:

You will also receive a Guest Author Badge to showcase on your online & offline profiles.

We take in authors who can add valuable UX or Product Design insights here.

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    Frequently Asked by Guest Authors

    Please Note

    This page is about Questions that potential Guest Bloggers might have about writing on Surgyy Design Blog

    Category of Posts

    This category is about core Design principles, focused on User Experience alongside the overall Product Landscape. Here bloggers can talk about their learnings with respect to core Design concepts or how it is best applied to Products.

    This category is about getting the right process, and creating an ever winning Design & UX Strategy. Here bloggers can talk about their learnings with the overall Design Process, what works or what doesn’t. With a range of noise on UX Processes, we believe this category is much more interesting.

    This category talks about improving Performance of Products, though mostly aligned on Design. We consider this category to be slightly broader. Also this category can provide a common ground for Designers & Business folks to share their ideas across each other.

    Our Guest Bloggers get an Author Badge & a public URL to showcase their work. However, all links on our blogs are no-follow & we don’t encourage excessive redirection in your blog page. Also we only allow a link to your LinkedIn Profile in the author page. To be a Guest blogger submit your request here