When it comes to getting a new product in the market, it is essential to keep the first version light, and we refer to this as a Minimum-Viable-Product or MVP. You can find various resources and advice on MVP, the LinkedIn Post below, has a few advices as an example.

At the MVP stage, it’s also important for founders or investors to get the product out swiftly and you need a hassle free Project execution.

Hence the question arises:
Should I hire a Development focused company to execute the project completely? Or do I hire a specialized UX Agency?

Here are 3 reasons why you should possibly bring a specialized UX Agency during the MVP stage.

Balancing Cost
Vs Product Quality

Executing a software project involves multiple skillsets, dedicated resources who would work as a team along with Project Management. Often the best development teams could cost a lot more, and still the ability to brainstorming on Product & Usability decisions could be limited.

On the other hand, a specialized UX Agency is focused on brainstorming on your Product & Business challenges, the sessions are led by really senior & specialized professionals. They are focused on bringing the best in class UX practices & design components.

Though Development takes the bulk amount of work (and it’s highly crucial to having the right team), a specialized UX Agency can help you set the bar higher in terms of Product problem solving and adoption.

Making Product Focused
MVP Decisions

When a Development team is leading the Design process, often there is a chance that various Product & UX decisions could be taken up keeping effort & scope first.

Though it is essential to keep the effort and scope limited, to launch the MVP as planned. It is also essential to make the necessary Product decisions keeping usability a priority.

For example, refer the below cartoon; though a little extreme to imagine – launching a single wheel versus a basic board.

Product & UX Focused MVP Approach

Involving UX Early
– User Testing & Scoping

Though mentioning this last, this point is highly valuable. In an ideal case, it’s best to start the Design Workshops & MVP Concept design before you engage a development team.

A few points on how this can help, in your Project execution:

  1. You would have explored your MVP ideas in much more depth, and the direction would be firm.
  2. Having the main flows designed – makes the scope crystal clear
  3. Developers can estimate their work better
  4. User testing can be performed based on the prototype, before the development begins
  5. Rework during the course of development is reduced – the project would ideally run more smoothly
UX Agency
Portrait of a confused african man holding speech bubble and looking away isolated over orange background

Hope this write-up was helpful. We wish you all the best with your MVP project. Surgyy Design is a dedicated Product & UX Agency, we provide best in class UX Consultation be it an MVP or Redesigning existing solutions.

You can know more about our Services & Offerings here

If you are rather looking to scale an existing Product further and make UX a differentiator, check out this article – 6 Hats your UX (focused) team needs to cover

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